Choose Your Bets and Win Payouts from Cosmic Cat Slot Game

From the new range of design applications and interesting play sportbook malaysia modes, 3win2u casino slot games are the exceptional platform to experience the real meaning of excitements and enjoyments. Out of the extensive range of slot gaming features, Cosmic Cat slot game is the best illustration for the fineness of slot game applications that are designed with the latest game design features. This game is invented by the ultimate gaming software provider that is Microgaming so that it will be a new treat for the regular users of Microgaming applications. And the new users of Microgaming software features will perceive the unfamiliar delights and pastime by the every aspect of this game. Similar to the existing slot games with Microgaming design methods, this game comprised with the attractive graphics and animation techniques in a special manner. The sound effects of this cosmic cat slot associated with the arresting tones that will be played by the slot machine during every level of game-play. The players can hear the background music in different ranges and sounds according to their number of winning scores. These are the special traits of this cosmic cat slot and the users can fetch extraordinary kinds of leisure.

Instructions to Enjoy

The usual customer of Microgaming based slot games does not require the lengthy explanation about the Cosmic Cat slot game. This game includes only few numbers of differences from the other types of Microgaming slot games. If you need any information about the steps that are required to win the jackpots, you can access those details from the following guides. This Cosmic Cat slot game consist 3 reels and 1 payline based slot game and the payline is designed with the different types of cat symbols and some other symbols for the winning options. Initially, you need to insert the coin to start your betting option for the game-play mode activation. Then, press the spin button to activate the spinning mode of the payline reels to know your winning scores. The scores for your wins are calculated by the slot machine depending on the number of matched symbols that are present in the payline.

Betting Options

This game can be played by the users either using 1 coin per each spin or two coins per each spin. So, you can choose the coin options according to your desires. The prize value is depending on your betting options. This game allows the users to play the game up to 5 coins bets and you can insert the coins with size measure of 0.25 to 5.00. The cosmic cat symbol is considered as a wild symbol of Cosmic Cat slot game and it is the substitute for all other symbols that are available in the paylines.

Prize Values

You can get the higher jackpot prize from Cosmic Cat slot game while obtaining 3 cosmic symbols in your spin and the jackpot value is 1000 coins for 2 coin play and 500 coins for 1 coin play. Similar to this, your winning payouts are decided by the Cosmic Cat slot game according to the number of matched symbols like combination of bar symbols, space mouse, and more.